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Never waste your trade fair budget again

No question - live events have a lot of potentials. But it takes more than just showing up with a beautiful booth design and a friendly smile to run a profitable event. There are many elements that need to be coordinated as early as the trade fair planning stage in order to increase the number of visits to your stand/presentation: You might be interested in Exhibition Stand Dubai.

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  • What you can do before the event
  • What are you doing during the event to make your presence visible to others make a difference, attract visitors and make the visit a memorable event
  • when and how to take action to entice visitors to buy

It all boils down to content marketing to create brand awareness before, during, and after the event. And it takes exceptional creativity and disciplined timing to engage attendees, manage content, and nurture relationships. It doesn't matter whether you want to buy the mobile exhibition stand or rent the exhibition stand - you first have to earn the costs for buying an exhibition stand. In contrast, the prices for renting a trade fair stand are considerably more manageable. Know more about Exhibition Stand Design.

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"After the Event" is a real challenge with a strong torque approach for marketing/sales departments. Think year-round when using the show and the content developed for it such as video/video excerpts, slide presentations, blog posts, podcasts of speaking events, webinars, infographics, articles, newsletters, etc. A monthly email with links to relevant content will help preserve the memory of you and your exhibition. Learn more about Exhibition Stand Design Dubai.

free standing exhibition walls

Here is a concise to-do list that will help you get the most out of your trade fair investment:

Before the event:

  • Set measurable goals for the event: number of booth visitors, number/category of leads generated, number of prospect appointments, number of secured media interviews, etc.
  • Identify announcements that will be made at the event (new product, product improvement, etc.)
  • Secure the list of participants from the organizer.
  • Reach out to relevant reporters/editors interested in executive interviews on company news, strategy, the state of the industry, etc.

  • Confirm meetings two days before the fair.
  • Classify prospects into three priority groups and set follow-up tactics for each
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Make a personal call or send relevant information to interested parties by email.

  • At trade shows: ask if they would like to set up a demo (or meeting) during the visit.
  • Webinars: Invite them to the webinar and send a link to register.
  • Meetings: confirm two days before the fair.

Write a blog post that can be shared ahead of the event. The blog topic should be related to your upcoming speech, booth, or webinar with a link directing the reader to register for the event.

  • Submit your blog post to the publication that partners with the show for inclusion in content promoting the show.
  • Send an e-blast to targeted prospects with a link to your blog and a link to register; Research email lists that can be purchased from the organizer.
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In the Events section of your website, provide more details about your talk (title, co-moderators, registration link, conference website, etc.) or booth presence.

  • Create social media posts using an event hashtag promoting your speeches and/or booth and leading to the registration link. 
  • ​​​​​​​Conduct paid social media activities.

During the event

Many attendees bring different devices to an event: phones, tablets,s or laptops - an advantage in staying in touch with the audience, but a hindrance in getting their attention.

Create social media posts to use during the event:

  • Use the event hashtag.
  • Connect with influencers at the event.
  • Put your event in a live stream.
  • Develop articles specifically for targeted publications to be distributed at the show.
  • Share photos at the fair to share on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram); Tag everyone who appears in the photos so their networks can see the images.
  • Offer special competitions such as a selfie challenge in which participants have to recognize a specific logo.
  • -ntegrate games/sports into your booth with prizes for the best
  • Include company/product specific messaging in each presentation including:
  • Social media
  • Information in key publications that can be found online

Use event management- Software that allows you to collect data from visitors, manage event-related activities, and track the results of your event marketing activities.

After the event:

Make a face-to-face call or email with relevant leads:

  • Ask trade shows if they'd like to set up a demo.
  • Invite them to webinars to do a demo. Submit the link to the archived webinar.

Continue to send important content to drive the conversation and move leads through the marketing funnel - 

Develop and plan a detailed plan for promotional activities before, during, and after the event - along with a plan to measure results to ensure the Optimal use of the event marketing budget.

Never waste your trade fair budget again

No question - live events have a lot of potentials. But it takes more than just showing up with a beautiful booth design and a friendly smil...